“Tre Santelle” and “Fontanino”  

Time: 45 minutes

1,7 km

Starting from Saint Peter square, walk along Rome and “Tre Santelle” Street and after a flat trail you arrive to a small Chapel called “Tre Santelle”, built in 1929.

Proceeding beyond, you arrive to an intersection: if you go left, you reach the “Maelì”, where you can admire the imposing overhang called “Corna del Guaì”.

If you go right, you reach the Source “Fontanino”, then keeping the right you arrive to “Pila”, while passing in front of “Fontanino” you reach “Chiesetta dei caduti”.

Orient yourself with the map of paths available at pro loco office or downlodable from the following link:


  • Dislivello Fino a 500
  • Durata: 40 minutes
  • Tempo: Fino a 1 ora
  • Dislivello: Fino a 500



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