8,20 km

Minimum altitude : 860 m

Maximum altitude : 1055 m

Starting point: Pro-loco building (car park nearby).

Directions: from the car park arrive in Ss. Peter and Paul’s square; go past the church and take the road on the left. Go past Cavour square until you reach a helipad. Turn right, go straight up to a crossroads and after 50 m take the path on the right.

After the water source take the path plunging into the woods on the left, going past a picnic area named “Chiosco”.

At the next intersection go straight; on the main road take the path on the left towards “Valle Dolce”. Go on a cobbled street up to an intersection and turn right.

Go on for 1 km up to another intersection, turn right towards area “Plass”.

Before the water source and the pond turn left and, then, right. Follow the directions on a dirt road until reaching a field with a picnic area, a small church and a pond named “Pozza d’Ast”.

The track goes on a downhill path just on the right of the church. Go downhill up to “Tre Santelle” and return to the village by following the directions.

Orient yourself with the map of paths available at pro loco office or downlodable from the following link:


All trails are rideable with Mtb. In the map you will find the recommended one marked by colored dots.