From Loc.Pila to Ast Pound (Chiesetta dei Caduti )

Time: 45 minutes

path length: 1,8 km

Starting from Pila (P1), you have to go straight and at the second junction take the left abd follow signage for “Pozza D’Ast-Chiesetta dei Caduti”.

After an uphill walk, you will arrive at a fork: going right you walk along sunny meadows, going left you go trought “Via Fosca”. After a hundred metres paths reconverge in a single way that leads to “Ast” Pound.

Here you can find a wooden shed equipped with tables, barbecue and water reserve. In the clearing, surrounded by fir and beech trees, there is a church in memory of the war dead, built in 1973.

Orient yourself with the map of paths available at pro loco office or downlodable from the following link:


  • Dislivello Fino a 500
  • Durata: 45 minutes
  • Tempo: Fino a 1 ora
  • Dislivello: Fino a 500


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