From Pozza d’Ast to Saint Fermo Hill

Time: 45 minutes

path length: 1,8 km

If you take the uphill path on the right from “Ast” pound, you reach Saint Fermo hill, where you find a pic-nic area and a small church, built in XIX century and renovated in 1902. From here you can climb on Mount Colombina (1458 meters), where on May 1951 was collocated an iron cross. On the top of this mountain, there is also a “geolabio” with the name of the mountains which you can admire ranging the 360-degree view.

From Colle San Fermo, near the lake, passing behind the church and taking the path keeping to the left and then, after a few meters, to the right, go up along the path that leads to the summit of Mount Colombina (1458 m), where in the May 1951 an iron cross weighing 7 quintals and 8.50 m high was placed. Furthermore, on the top of this mountain a geolabe plaque has been installed with the names of the many mountains that can be admired thanks to the spectacular 360 ° view that can be admired.  In the structure of the geolabe there is a small drawer that contains a summit diary in which you can leave your dedication.

This last stretch of the path, from Colle San Fermo to the top of Monte Colombina, involves a further walk for 800m and, about half an hour and a difference in height of 200m.


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  • Dislivello Fino a 500
  • Durata: 45 minutes
  • Tempo: Fino a 1 ora
  • Dislivello: Fino a 500



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