Bossico has a very privileged position thanks to its panoramic position above lake Iseo. Our village became a holiday resort starting from the 19th century, highly appreciated by the middle-class. Well-off people owned there farmhouses and villas to spend their holidays there.

Many of these affluent people shared nationalist ideals supporting the exponents Garibaldi and Mazzini. They then took part in liberal and anti-clericalism movements after the unification of Italy. It was thanks to the Zitti and Gregorini families that named a group of dwellings after the seven hills of Rome and the places related to the events of Risorgimento. This area was then definitely called “Settecolli”.
It was a choice motivated not only by the celebration of the past and the memory: the myth and history of Risorgimento were the instruments to act and fight into the political and social background after the Italian unification. These villas are the heritage of ideals by which people identified themselves with.
The villas bearing the names of the Seven hills of Rome are:
Aventino, Campidoglio, Celio, Esquilino, Palatino, Quirinale, Viminale… and Vaticano , Gianicolo, Pincio, Caprera, Glori, Quattroventi.